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Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Size: 1200 Sq Ft

Team: Nishita Kamdar, Ameeta Kanakhara

Photography: Talib Chitalwala

JB Glass , is an established brand involved in transforming the way glass and aluminium partitions are used in architecture and interior spaces.
The 1200 Sq ft shed had to be converted to an experienced centre for the Door and Partition Systems vertical for the company called Waltz Partition. The partition Systems ranged from Aluminium framed revolving doors, Sliding doors, Openable Doors, Fixed partitions , Concealed Flushed Doors with absolutely beautiful infills of custom made gold and silver meshes, each having its own uniqueness.

Zen design embodies a minimalist philosophy of severely pared-down search for meaning that elevates simplicity to an art form, making use of natural materials, patterns of light and space, and a near-monastic rejection of clutter. A Zen space is meant to be relaxing, contemplative , restrained and visually balanced and appealing.

As one glides from one partition to the other, one can seamlessly view the different technologies and variations in the partition systems that the brand showcases , without it becoming a typical display centre. The Deep forest green walls , with arched Metal windows, coupled with Powder Pink walls form an interesting envelope to the gold mesh glass partitions .

Right in the centre of the store and in front of the Zen Garden, is a beautiful Circular Metal and Glass Fixed partition , a circular window representing “a window of spiritual enlightenment” in Zen Buddhism.
The Rock find itself inconspicuously appear in corners, sitting atop Black Pedestals, forming interesting focal points .

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