Mahak completed her Bachelors in Architecture from KRVIA and was interning at SNK while she was in college. Mahak’s love for Reuse and Recycle can clearly be seen in her thesis based on the Waste Management community of Mumbai. In office, if you are lucky, Mahak might share her delicious Swiggy food with you.



Sara received her Bachelor of Architecture from the Faculty of Architecture, Manipal University and her Masters in Interior Design from the Florence Institute of Design International, Italy. In her time working with the offices of Balan and Nambisan and Arun Nalapat in Bangalore, she developed a flexible, user experience-centric approach to interior design.


She also makes the best Malayali food in town.


Freelance Architect

Viragi, completed her graduation from Balwant Sheth School of Architecture. She has a keen interest in observing new spaces and her experimental nature leads her to experiment with different design details and materials. She is my favourite punching bag.



Maitri developed a fondness for heritage conservation and sustainability through her Graduate education in Architecture from Aditya College, Mumbai. 

Her thesis on Reviving Single Screen Cinemas is a reflection of her ideology; ‘preserve the heritage that was handed to us, we don’t get to make more of it.” 

While she's mostly found in the company of animals, she also loves to travel and explore various cuisines across India; but nothing will beat the great Mumbai street sandwich in her opinion.



Honeyksha has completed her Bachelors in Architecture from Rachana Sansad’s Academy of Architecture, Mumbai. She's interested in people’s architecture and hopes to contribute to it in a positive manner through design and volunteering initiatives. She is also fond of travelling and you can often find her exploring the city on her bike on the weekends.