Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Size: 900 Sq Ft

Team: Nishita Kamdar, Viragi Parekh

Photography: Sameer Chavda

Coming for the quintessential hustle and bustle kind of life of mumbai , the couple wanted a space which made them feel comfortable and reflected their personality: Fun but Simple.


The home had to be friendly for their toddler , but at the same time look contemporary to an outsider. Both husband and wife work in a creative field , and were thus clear about what they were looking for. Being exposed to the creative world, they were sure they wanted the home to be warm, approachable and long lasting 


One of the biggest challenges of designing in Mumbai is the constraint one faces with the budget too the project. After selling and arm and a leg to be able to afford a home in Mumbai , clients generally end up with a smaller budget to design their homes, in the hope of building it as the years go by. We have successfully been able to adapt to this challenge and accepted it is a design challenge for us in the office. making just a few bold and impactful moves for such situations is the key. The demand for Good budget home designs is extremely large in Mumbai and thus this challenge helps you push the boundaries