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Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Size: 900 Sq Ft

Team: Nishita Kamdar, Mahek Gemavat

Photography: Talib Chitalwala

Architectural space is about layering for all of the senses. Like a musical composition, spatial features come together into a symphony for occupants to experience. Bringing a space to life means that architectural function and form is not just primarily for the visual sense


The minimalistic design has clean, open and light filled spaces which are the fundamentals of this design. The use of neutral color palette, light color tones for walls, clean modern detailing and accessories and uncluttered spaces give the minimalist design a calm, attractive and interesting appeal. Sunlight is allowed to flow through the space naturally. Neutral Monochromatic colors like like Bieges and Greys with natural materials colors are retained to create a soothing space.


The Materials used are reduced to its essence , only to provide clarity, visual appeal and attraction by conveying and expressing the physical characteristics of the materials used and their textures..

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