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Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Size: 650 Sq Ft

Team: Nishita Kamdar, Viragi Parekh

Photography: Reena Ghogari

Restraint in this project was crucial ,the quality of holding yourself back and implementing something which solves the problem in the simplest way possible

When do you as the architect draw the line so that your visual design takes a backseat and the focus remains on the products sold still ensuring you are telling the brand's story and creating immersive shopping experiences. From telling the brand's story and creating immersive shopping experiences, to putting together bold window displays and signage essentials, when it comes to retail design, the key really is in the details.

The fashion brand limerick that we designed a store for identifies itself with inspiration drawn from nature , wildlife , and birds with use of bold colours prints patterns and textures.Their mood board is almost like a whimsical scene from Alive in Wonderland , where the customer being Alice is stepping into a mystical enchanted forest through a narrow cobbled path and getting enticed seeing these beautiful birds, bees, trees around her , everything she sees is a visual delight for her.This narrative we made, instantly transformed into a design language for us, where the store was but , her wonderland. The Textures of white in china mosaic, fluted walls, textured paints, lets the clothes do the talking while still making a bold impact.

_Y9E7726 copy.jpg
_Y9E7736 copy.jpg
_Y9E7704 copy.jpg
_Y9E7785 copy.jpg
_Y9E7774 copy.jpg
_Y9E7770 copy.jpg
_Y9E7801 copy.jpg
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