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Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Size: 1000 Sq Ft

LOKA is a luxurious pret & couture clothing label, started with a ‘thought’: rooted in a belief that self-identity is the most genuine form of self-expression. LOKA works with local artisans and craftsmen bringing forth the authenticity inherent in their culture and traditions. The use of bold colours in their designs, radiate a feeling of warmth and confidence. 

The Design of this store and Office space had to be Bold, Vibrant and Warm - just like the brand. 

The store which is predominately Green is adorned with floral wallpapers on the walls and ceilings with an antique centrepiece light fitting.

The Office which is the calmest space in the HQ is predominantly White in Color, allows for flow of thought and clarity when the designer is at work. 

The Passageway connecting both these spaces in painted in a warm Terracotta Red Tone with a hand painted floral motif from the brands collection of prints.

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