Location: Pune, Maharashtra

Size: 6000 Sq Ft

Team: Nishita Kamdar, Palak Jhunjhunwala(Studio P.mm), Namita Kara (Studio P.mm)

Photography: Reena Ghogari

The idea of an Open Planned Office was Invented in 1950s in Germany, the idea of creating a workspace free of dividing walls only took off in the U.S. very recently. By tearing down literal barriers, the thought was that creativity and productivity would skyrocket.but for an early stage startup like Mindtickle where workflow depends on collaboration, it’s the only layout that made sense. The idea was to have your colleague “eavesdrop” and “interfere” and come up with healthy discussions and ideas.

Keeping this in mind , the layout is an large free open plan , with the introduction of the "Glass Box", housing the conference room and idea room, which is the only built space on the floor plate. The black tiled flooring and dark ceiling help in accentuating the pops of orange , which is the company's brand color, and even control the excessive daylight flooding in from all four sides.

A variety of workstations ensures one has the flexibility to plug in plug out from anywhere in the office without having a fixed designated space.

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