Client: Dialogues by Sanjay Puri

Team: Nishita Kamdar

Photography: Nishita Kamdar

Fabrication: Swati Interiors

French for “Pegs and Sticks”, this centre table is inspired from the the ancient French game Peg Solitaire or popularly known as Brainvita in India. We find a strong connection of this game to the Indian craft of “Jadau”

Gems being inlayed into caliberated and carefully crafted hollows give a sense of belonging to the gem as it sits snug inside it. The Centre Table is a playful one , shaped like an Egg, where the yolk is hollowed out to give rise to a landscape of sticks with Brass Caps. On the other end are 3 half spheres, which house 3 loose Teak Wood balls.

The balls are loose and fit perfectly into these spaces or could also be put through the sticks in the yolk area.