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Nishita Vikhroli Godrej Trees apt-6.jpg


Location: Vikhroli, Mumbai

Size: 1100 Sq Ft

Team: Nishita Kamdar, Maitri Thakkar

Photography: Ishita Sitwala

One of the beautiful things about art, architecture and design is their ability to reflect the things we see and experience around us. Our Travels , thoughts, inspirations and encounters always find a way to wiggle into our designs in the most discreet way. This house speaks loud and clear of its inspirational roots — which come, incidentally, from the natural world us and around it self. Settled amidst a lush patch of green mangroves , inspiration from nature was obvious. The 950 Sq ft compact apartment in a high rise tower of Mumbai, is occupied by a mother and daughter and comprises of 3 bedrooms , a living room , a kitchen and a small balcony space.

Thoughtful replanning of furniture and smart design elements bring together a space that seamlessly flows into one an another, making the house look soothingly cosy, comfortable and very elegant.

The house is located amidst beautiful mangroves and a large green garden . taking inspiration from nature was inevitable. The desert often invokes a sense of vastness, infinity , ever changing landscapes and uncertainty which could be intriguing. We interpreted Sand as that force which brings about a visual serenity in the home as it does in a desert. The ever changing natures of the shifting of sand , like in the home makes a space which could be ever changing and flexible as well. The soft beige tone of the sand almost blends in the the human skin tone , and neutralises everything , it doesnt fight to stand out , it lets the heroes stand out.Taking inspiration from the beautiful colors of sand, The overriding design concept was to envelope the otherwise small home, in the lovely shades of sand ranging from light beige , to darker beige , to sometimes yellows, salmons and even oranges . It adds a relaxing and harmonious touch to the space allows to create a cosy tranquil ambience.This coupled with warm tones of oakwood and teak wood and sensuous linen and jute fabrics , make it ideal for the perfect tropical indian home.

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